Examples of Programs

Liebherr-Aerospace has developed long-standing partnerships with the world’s major aircraft manufacturers, supplying key systems to more than 100 aircraft and helicopter programs in all major market segments of aviation. Liebherr is a key partner to a number of these programmes, providing several critical systems to the relevant airframer.

Examples for such programmes are the A380, AW 139, Superjet 100, E2 and CSeries.

E-Jet E2

A 380: Airbus’ giant carrier A 380 features some of the latest technologies that combine reliability and weight efficiency. This counts especially for systems as flight controls, engine bleed air system or hydraulic cooling system, where technologies developed by Liebherr make the difference.

AW 139: AgustaWestland’s helicopter features systems from two Liebherr’s product lines: landing gears and air management. This helicopter demonstrates how integration capabilities and highly engineered systems lead to a perfect result for today airframes.

CSeries: The latest born of Bombardier Aerospace’s commercial programmes features two integrated Liebherr systems: the air management and the landing gear system.

Embraer E2

Superjet 100: Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Corporation’s Superjet 100 programme uniquely features a complete integrated flight control system that encompasses - beyond primary and secondary flight controls - the flight control computers and the cockpit controls. Liebherr was not only selected for this system integration challenge, but also supplies the integrated air management on this program.

Liebherr Aerospace is on board many other aircraft programs as well. Other examples of programs where Liebherr supplies major systems are featured in the poster downloads.