Liebherr on Board the Sukhoi SuperJet 100
SuperJet 100

The Superjet SSJ100 is a Regional Transport Aircraft developed by the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company in Russia. Powered by two PowerJet SaM146 Turbo Fan in the range of 18 000lbs, the Superjet SSJ100 is carrying up to 95 passengers. The Maximum Take Off Weight is around of 42 tons. The Superjet SSJ100 Entry Into Service is scheduled for 2011. Liebherr is a major Supplier of the SuperJet, through its 2 products lines : Flight Control Systems and Air Management Systems.

Liebherr is having the overall responsibility of supplying the complete Flight Control System starting from the different cockpit controls until all the movable surfaces of the airframe.

This covers the primary flight control system, the secondary flight control system required to provide higher lift during take off and landing, the trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuation (THSA) the spoilers system.

Liebherr is supplying the complete flight control actuation system but as well all the Flight Control Computers designed and manufactured internally at Liebherr.

As a first step toward the All Electric Aircraft, the THSA, the flap and slat actuation systems are totally electrically driven. They are Fly By Wire systems with electrical power drives units. The Primary Flight Control System is as well a Fly By Wire system with 3000 psi hydraulic power.

For the Superjet a totally new custom design electronic control suit has been developed featuring particularly dedicated hosting cabinets and power electronic for the electric power drives. Liebherr is also responsible for the flight control systems software development embedded into the various controllers.

Liebherr is supplying as well the Integrated Air Management System whose scope of work includes :

  • Engine Bleed Air System
  • Pneumatic Air Distribution System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Zone temperature control system
  • Ventilation / Extraction System (Avionic bay, luggage compartment)
  • Cabin Pressure Control System
  • Wing Anti Ice System Control
  • Overheat Detection System

The award to Liebherr, to only one Supplier of these 2 huge work packages allowed the Superjet to take the benefit of the best of the optimization process that was allowed by this procurement policy from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.

Liebherr Aerospace Programs Superjet 100 Flight controls, air management
The Superjet SSJ100 is a Regional Transport Aircraft developed by the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company carrying 95 passengers