Integrated Air Management System

Aircraft are equipped with several systems that process and accommodate air through all usages needed aboard. Among those systems are to be found in particular:

  • Engine bleed air
  • Air conditioning
  • Cabin pressure control
  • Ventilation control
  • Wing and nacelle anti-ice
  • Additional cooling of avionics, galleys and hydraulics
  • Humidifcation and dryer

In some cases, aircraft manufacturers award the supply of all these systems to one company through a single work package. Besides logistics advantages, this approach brings along considerable performance optimization possibilities.

Integrated air management systems consist of several hundreds of parts located all across the aircraft (engine, nacelle, pylon, wing, belly fairing, fuselage, cockpit, cabin, tail core) that process all air circulation within the aircraft from the engine bleed port to the cabin.

Liebherr is currently the most experienced system supplier of such kind of integrated air management systems. Experience is ranging from commercial aircraft to helicopters and business jets.

Aircraft air management system location
Helicopter air management system location