Wing Anti Ice

When a plane flies in frosting conditions, the wings can be covered with white frost. There can even be accumulation of ice on the wing leading edge.

This accumulation of ice deteriorates the wing aerodynamic performances, in addition to increasing the aircraft’s weight, which is particularly detrimental to the aircraft’s performances and especially to its safety. It is therefore necessary to remove this ice or to prevent ice accretion.

The Airframe Anti-Icing System carries hot air supplied by the Engine Bleed Air System and blows it along the ice-sensitive parts of the airframe (engine nacelle air intakes, wing and tail leading edge).

Liebherr supplies all components required for such system and is the supplier of all kinds of aircraft that need such function, like Commercial Airplanes, Regional Aircraft, Business Jets, Military Transport Aircraft.

An Airframe Anti-Icing System is made up of pressure regulating valves, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, high pressure ducting, overheat / hot air leak detection devices and controller.

Wing anti ice test bench