Integrated Landing Gear System

The landing gear is an essential system that allows the aircraft to land safely and to taxi to the gate.

Liebherr has the capability to manage all components of a landing gear system. This includes the landing gear structure, the extension/ retraction and steering actuation, the position and warning system, the integration of wheels and brakes and the associated sensors and controls, including cockpit controls.

Liebherr has in-house capabilities to design and manufacture the key structural parts and actuation as well as the electronics and to integrate the specialized parts from subcontractors - if requested by the airframer.

Landing gear systems by Liebherr are integrated into all kinds of platforms like commercial aircraft, regional aircraft, business jets, helicopters, transport aircraft and fighters.

Liebherr can offer a complete landing gear system or individual subsystems like nose landing gear, main landing gear or actuation. Liebherr takes over the complete development including qualification, testing and support for certification, production and worldwide customer services all over the product life.

Main landing gear