Nose Landing Gear

The nose landing gear is not only needed for safe landing, but also for steering the aircraft when taxiing on the ground.

Liebherr has in-house capabilities for the design and manufacture of all structural, actuation and up-lock parts of nose landing gears. This comprises the main fitting, sliding tube, wheel axle and drag braces as well as the retraction / extension and steering. Liebherr also integrates all related subsystems including proximity sensing, wheels, landing and taxi lights.

The engineering capabilities comprise layout, design, performance-, stress- and fatigue calculation as well as full safety and reliability analyses. The in-house manufacturing competencies include latest generation machining and surface treatment. In addition to that, Liebherr offers further integration services such as complete dressing of the nose landing gear.

Liebherr is a nose landing gear system supplier for all kinds of platforms like commercial aircraft, regional aircraft, business jets, helicopters, and fighters.