Storage system
Pallet storage tower EKM 500

The pallet storage tower is designed for the purposes of storage and decoupling in engine production as well as for quasi-automated/fully automated workshop operation. It combines a high storage capacity with a small footprint, is suitable for the most varied workpieces and meets the most diverse production requirements. The workpieces are loaded into the storage tower on pallets and provided for loading/dispensing via flexibly arranged gantry or robot systems. An SPC tray or manual loading/dispenser tray can be integrated where required. The automatic control cabinet featuring standardised software simplifies commissioning and facilitates easy retrofitting.

Pallet weight max. (with workpieces) [kg]
Layer sizing
Transport load [kg]
Pallet size
800 X 1,200 mm, variants possible
Total height
up to 6 m, modular selectable
Travel speed lift unit [m/s]
Travel speed pallet pullout [m/s]