Wheel Loader
L 580 LogHandler

The Liebherr L 580 wheel loader in LogHandler format has been developed especially for operations in the timber handling sector. The newly designed lifting gear means that the logs can be taken up from above at a great height, which makes the LogHandler particularly well-suited for work such as the loading and unloading of trucks or feeding bark removal and sorting installations. The grab can be rotated through 360° as well as pivoting forwards and backwards. Depending on the requirement, a very wide range of shapes and sizes of grab and grapple tools are available. The driver’s cab has a roof window, fitted as standard with a protective grille, to provide the best possible view upwards, and the protective grille for the front windscreen is integrated directly into the lifting gear. Like all Liebherr wheel loaders, the new LogHandler has a stepless hydrostatic drive system, which achieves impressive fuel savings. Other advantages are the practically wear-free service brake and the extremely low tyre wear.

18,410 lb - 19,070 lb
Operating weight
73,745 lb - 74,625 lb
Engine output
230 kW/308 HP
(SAE J1349)
Grapple capacity
4,960 - 5,900 in²