Wheeled excavator
LH 80 M Litronic

The Liebherr LH 80 M Litronic material handler is perfect for handling heavy goods in the scrap and timber industries as well as for loading and unloading at docks. The machine is based on the powerful, state-of-the-art Liebherr 6-cylinder engine with exhaust stage 3B / TIER IV interim. The material handler is furthermore equipped with the patented ERC system, which provides the machine with additional power while simultaneously saving fuel. This results in a substantially improved handling capacity as well as the improved efficiency of the machine. A modern design as well as the newly configured driver’s working space provides the finishing touch to this material handler that is the first of the new LH series.

Operating weight
168,990 - 173,900 lb
Engine output
230 kW/308 HP
(SAE J1349)
System performance
385 kW
Tier 4i
Multi-tine grapple capacity
1.44 - 2.22 yd³
Shells for loose material capacity
3.92 - 5.88 yd³
Wood grapple capacity
2,945 - 3,875 in²
LH 80 M Litronic
With the award-winning ERC system