Wheeled excavator
LH 40 M Litronic

The LH 40 M Litronic underlines the basic principle of “efficiency as standard” and is the absolute top performer in its class. The Liebherr energy recovery system (ERC system) is already included as part of the standard equipment of this machine. Together with Liebherr Power-Efficiency (LPE), the energy recovery system (ERC system) increases the handling capacity whilst simultaneously reducing the fuel consumption. In addition, this innovation enables work cycles that are more efficient, more homogeneous and above all faster. The attachment variations available for the LH 40 M Litronic offer a broad spectrum of possible combinations, so that the best solution for every application is available.

Operating weight
83,800 - 85,650 lb
Engine output
140 kW/188 HP
(SAE J1349)
System performance
226 kW
Tier 4i
Multi-tine grapple capacity
0.52 - 1.44 yd³
Shells for loose material capacity
1.70 - 2.62 yd³
Sorting grapple capacity
0.98 - 1.31 yd³
Wood grapple capacity
2,015 - 2,945 in²
LH 40 M Litronic
With the award-winning ERC system