Wheel Loader
L 538

The new Stage IIIB / Tier 4i Wheel Loader L 538 is right in the lead when it comes to economy and environmental friendliness. It uses up to 25% less fuel than comparable machines from other manufacturers, under the same operating conditions. Up to 8% of this fuel advantage is achieved thanks to the new “Liebherr Power Efficiency” (LPE) system. By intelligent management of the individual units, LPE reduces both fuel consumption and component wear, with the engine management under pro-active control and with all the engine map characteristics and parameters being taken into account. LPE recognizes the performance profile required by the operator, and puts it into action with maximum performance output, in the most efficient way possible. And thanks to the tried and trusted Liebherr travel drive, tyre wear is, as usual, reduced by up to 25%, and the service brake is practically free of wear altogether. Increased productivity thanks to first-class comfort and convenience: The cab is particularly spacious and comfortable. All the operating elements are ergonomically perfectly matched to one another, while the hydraulic cab bearing system substantially reduces vibrations and noise burden in the interior of the cab.

Tipping load
20,945 lb
Bucket capacity
3.0 - 8.5 yd³
Operating weight
28,220 lb
Engine output
115 kW/154 HP
(SAE J1349)
Liebherr-Wheel loader L 538