Duty cycle crawler cranes
HS 8300 HD Hybrid

When designing the new 300 tonnes duty cycle crawler crane HS 8300 HD Liebherr paid special attention to an extended service life of the machine. Therefore, the steel fabrication of the basic machine is extremely solid and robust. A highlight of the new duty cycle crawler crane weighing over 350 tonnes is the powerful and energy-saving hybrid drive “Pactronic”. In addition the crane is fitted with hydraulic free-fall winches offering approximately 50 tonnes of line pull.

Apart from dragline operation the duty cycle crawler crane is suitable for various other material handling jobs. The machine can, for instance, also be equipped with an orange-peel grab and a clamshell.

Key advantages of the Pactronic hybrid drive:

  • 725 kW diesel engine allows to achieve a hoisting power of 800 kW and a system power comparable to a conventional drive system with 1250 kW
  • Up to 25% higher turnover
  • Reduced fuel consumption resulting in less CO2 emission
  • Lower noise emission
  • Increased hoisting and lowering power

Engine output
725 kW/986 HP
(ISO 9249)
Max. winch line pull 1. layer
500 kN
Max. main boom
68 m
max. boom length with clamshell
68 m
Operating weight
771,618 Ibs
Liebherr HS 8300 HD