Wheeled excavators
LH 35 M Timber Litronic

The LH 35 M Timber Litronic is a timber-handling machine in the 30-tonne operating weight class. This specialised machine is equipped with an all-wheel steering system as standard, which provides excellent manoeuvrability with the greatest driving stability and improved directional stability. The rigid cab height adjustment for an excellent all-round view and working safety combined with 8-fold tyres for more driving comfort, make the LH 35 M Timber a dependable partner in handling timber. The attachment, specially developed for handling timber, guarantees large loads without diminishing the extensive length of its reach.

Operating weight
64,600 lb
Engine output
140 kW/188 HP
(SAE J1349)
Tier 4i
Wood grapple capacity
2,015 - 2,945 in²
LH 35 M Timber Litronic