Crawler excavator
LH 50 C High Rise Litronic

The crawler machines in the new Liebherr LH (Liebherr Handler) range for industrial applications have been completely redesigned and equipped with substantial technical innovations. As well as the new progressive design of the machines, Liebherr has focussed on productivity and ergonomics, for example in the redesigned driver’s cab, which offers increased safety and reduces fatigue while working. The LH crawler machines offer various combinations of upper sections and undercarriages for maximum efficiency whatever the application. Whether for handling scrap metal, for use in ports or for recycling, the newly developed, robust crawler undercarriage provides high stability, coupled with fast work cycles and increased payloads. Along with other key components manufactured in-house, the machines in the LH series are extremely reliable and durable.

Operating weight
117,500 - 120,900 lb
Engine output
140 kW/188 HP
(SAE J1349)
System performance
226 kW
Tier 4i
Multi-tine grapple capacity
1.05 - 1.44 yd³
Shells for loose material capacity
1.70 - 2.62 yd³
Wood grapple capacity
2,015 - 2,945 in²
LH 50 C High Rise Litronic
With the award-winning ERC system