Special rings

Four-point and roller bearing slewing rings with special adjacent structures are included in the category of special rings. Roller bearing slewing rings with bolt connections or bayonet connections are available for simplified disassembly of uppercarriage and undercarriage of construction machines and cranes.

The raceway systems of ball and roller bearing slewing rings can also be designed for specific applications. For example, combined roller-ball bearing slewing rings can be supplied. Slewing connections are also available as ball bearings with adjusted contact angle for large radial loads. Angular contact roller bearings, which act as bogie wheels for a heavy duty crane, have also been manufactured in Biberach.

Instead of anti-friction bearings, Liebherr also produces geared rings which are used for applications such as driving rope winches or as friction bearings for yaw adjustment of wind turbines. These gear rings are also available in segments at the customer’s request. High-precision worm gears are manufactured in Biberach for the drive system of the workpiece table in Liebherr gear cutting machines.

Gear ring with external gear
The ring has a friction bearing face on the bottom and is used for yaw adjustment in wind turbines.
Gear ring with internal gear
Rings with internal gears are used for example in the drive system of large gear ring rope winches.
Combined ball and roller bearing slewing ring
Combined ball-roller bearing slewing rings are used primarily for axial loads, such as are encountered in materials handling in stacker/reclaimer devices.
Roller bearing with special adjacent structure
Large diameter bearings are designed with a special adjacent structure depending on the requirements. Large diameter bearings with bolt connection, for example, simplify disassembly of uppercarriages and undercarriages of construction machines and cranes.
Ball bearing slewing ring with special seals
Large diameter bearings with multi-stage sealing packages can, for example, be used in ship propulsion systems and tunnel boring machines where the maritime environment or the highly dusty conditions impose specialised requirements.
Ball bearing slewing ring for high radial loads
For high radial loads which for example are encountered with vertical installation, the contact angle of ball bearing slewing rings is adjusted appropriately.