Planetary plug-in gearboxes

Planetary plug-in gearboxes are designed to be installed in rope winches and are ideal for customers who want to purchase rope winch drums and frames separately or who manufacture these themselves. Standard transmissions that are prepared to be installed horizontally can be adapted to be driven by electric or hydraulic motors. The torque is transmitted to the rope drum via the internal gears of the gearbox. A drive using several hydraulic motors by via a spur gear stage is available as an option.

Planetary plug-in gearboxes are noted for their compact design and particularly for ease of use and servicing. The integrated main bearing demonstrates high load ratings. Optionally, a connection can be provided for external oil coolers.

Liebherr offers its customer a series-manufactured range of planetary plug-in gearboxes that can be used for a wide range of applications. Tailor-made solutions for specific requirements can also be designed.