Special gearboxes

Liebherr has always custom-made gearboxes for specific applications. Over time, many drive variations have been developed, for example specialist drives for drilling rigs, stationary concrete mixing plants, chain drives and other designs.

Special gearboxes result from the many possible combinations of planetary stages, spur wheel gear stages and bevel gear stages. The number and size of the driving electric or hydraulic motors vary, and are mostly decided by economic criteria. The gearbox can transmit the output torque via the internal gear wheel as well as via an output pinion, an output shaft, a shaft flange link or other specially designed solutions. Multiple outputs are also possible, such as with the cyclone drive.

The gearbox can be a stand-alone unit or fully integrated into the adjacent structure depending on the application and requirement. In certain circumstances, the components of the adjacent structure can also be included in the order, such as with the drilling drive.

Cyclone drive
Output torque [Nm]
Weight [kg]
This cyclone drive is used in stationary mixing plants and drives two mixing tools.
Drilling drive
Output torque [Nm]
Weight [kg]
Drilling drives are used in drilling machines to drive the Kelly bar. Two hydraulic motors drive the BAT 180.
Chain drive
Output torque [Nm]
Weight [kg]
The chain drive has been specially designed for a tensioner unit in a pipe-laying ship and has an integrated planetary gearbox on both sides.
Wheel drive
Output torque [Nm]
Weight [kg]
This wheel drive is installed in a rear axle of the Liebherr T282C dumper truck and drives it directly with the integrated 1.5 MW electric motor.
Front suspension
Weight [kg]
The front-wheel suspension with integrated brake and ball joint is installed in the Liebherr T282C dumper truck.