Water content determination

The self-developed and self-manufactured Liebherr water content measuring system WMS is particularly suitable for the adherence of quality control and quality enhancement standard DIN ISO 9000 ff. due to its expansive evaluation functions.

Designed specially for measurements in flowing material, the recording of measured values is resulted in real-time operation.

A special rod sensor has been developed for the determination of water content in binary emulsions (e.g. water in crude oil).

The sensors can be installed in pipelines, as well as in tanks. The measurements are resulted in a continous process (In-Situ measuring).

By carrying out a single calibration to suit local conditions, long-term stable and reproducable results can be guaranteed during the procedure.

The compact and operator-friendly design guarantees easy operation of this measuring system for the user.

For more information or if you have any questions, please e-mail: thomas.maier@liebherr.com

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