Coating Control System
Litronic-FMS III / CCS

A reliable online measurement of the coating thickness or weight per unit area and the correction of the measured values are crucial for quality assurance and the improvement of the final product. The measurements detected by the sensors are collected in the signal averager of the sensor electronics and transferred for correction to the higher-level control system. The wide range of interfaces mean that the measurement can easily be directly integrated into production systems. Sensor installations are placed, for example, before and after the coating knife to achieve precise compliance with the order. For more information or if you have any questions, please e-mail:

Operational areas of coating thickness or weight per unit area:

- Paper webs

- Cardboard webs

- Plastic film webs

- Fleece mats

- Fabric webs

- ......

Litronic-FMS III / CCS (coating thickness measurement)