Crawler excavator
R 974 C Demolition

The special crawler excavator, weighing approximately 132 tonnes, is equipped with a demolition attachment that can reach as far as 43 m. The working attachments include an 17.00-m long demolition jib, a 2.7-m intermediate jib and 13.50-m demolition arm as well as an Arden CU 2000 concrete cutter. Part of the standard equipment on all Liebherr’s C-series demolition excavators is Liebherr Tool Control for convenient changeover of hydraulic tools, complemented by the new Liebherr Demolition Control System “LDC”. This active safety feature, ergonomically sited within the driver’s field of view, provides information about the machine’s angle of inclination and automatically activates the electronic reach limitation if a critical value is exceeded. That means that when maximum reach is achieved, movements of the attachment that could reduce the excavator’s stability are no longer permitted.

Operating weight
280,430 - 290,128 lb
Backhoe bucket capacity
4.70 - 7.58 yd³