Mining excavators
R 9100

Efficient and effective by design, the R 9100 sets a new standard in job performance and functions as the optimal tool for loading 50 t up to 100 t dump trucks. Offering a high level of versatility the R 9100 opens up new opportunities for a wide range of excavating applications.

This new 100-t excavator is powered by the new Liebherr V12 diesel engine which comply with the USA/EPA Tier 2 emission limits and make highly efficient, economical use of fuel. The R 9100 is based on 50 years of Liebherr experience in the development and construction of hydraulic excavators. Innovative technologies from the manufacturer’s large hydraulic excavator program, together with well-proven Liebherr components, make this new model ideal for the mining industry’s needs.

Operating weight
239,200 - 248,000 lb
Engine output
565 kW/757 hp
(SAE J1349)
Backhoe bucket capacity
9.2 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³
Shovel capacity
9.2 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³