Mining excavators
R 9350

The R 9350 is the ideal machine to load a fleet of 100 t mining trucks.

Boasting a 18 m³ / 23.5 yd³ bucket capacity in standard configuration, The R 9350 follows the Liebherr design philosophy of maximizing the machines performance by improving the efficiency of all individual subsystems. Customers experience durable performance from the R 9350 throughout the machine’s life. Equipped with the service flap accessible from the ground level and integrating wide open accesses, the R 9350 allows quick and safe maintenance.

Available in both diesel or electric versions, the R 9350 offers the flexibility to perform many specific applications.

Operating weight
665,800 - 683,400 lb
Engine output
1,120 kW/1,500 hp (SAE J1349)
Backhoe bucket capacity
23.5 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³
Shovel capacity
23.5 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³
Liebherr R 9350 in limestone application