Mining excavators
R 996 B

Developed as the optimal loading tool for large scale mining operations, the R 996 B can achieve the most challenging targets. Its reliability and its long lifetime guarantee high performance at low operating costs. The R 996 B is equipped with two V16 diesel engines specifically designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

Set for minimum downtime and to boast a 36 m³ / 47.1 yd³ bucket, R 996 B’s drive system allows to reach the highest uptime performance for maximum productivity.

Operating weight
1,481,500 - 1,490,300 lb
Engine output
2,240 kW/3,000 hp
(SAE J1349)
Backhoe bucket capacity
47.1 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³
Shovel capacity
44.5 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³