Mining Excavators
R 9400

Driven by a 1,250 kW/1675 HP 16-cylinder V-engines, the Liebherr R 9400 boasts a 22 m³ bucket capacity. In conjunction with rapid loading cycles and tremendous ripper and breakout forces, the R 9400 offers high loading capacity and is the perfect loader for 150-t and 190-t class mining trucks.

Available in two configurations, either diesel or electric, the R 9400 offers the flexibility to perform in any application. The electric drive version is an efficient alternative for applications that do not require frequent machine relocation. Even under tough conditions the R 9400’s high digging force allows easy bucket penetration and high bucket fill factors to achieve high productivity.

Operating weight
760,600 - 778,200 lb
Engine output
1,250 kW/1,675 PS
(SAE J1349)
Backhoe bucket capacity
28.8 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³
Shovel capacity
28.8 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³