Mining excavators
R 9150

The brand new R 9150 hydraulic mining excavator is the perfect loader for 50 up to 135 tonnes mining trucks and offers a wide array of uses.

The advanced R 9150 is the worthy successor of the esteemed Liebherr R 984 C. Having the largest bucket capacity in its class, combined with its high digging forces and optimal cycle time, makes the R 9150 the most powerful excavator in the 100t class mining market.

The R 9150 is equipped with the same Liebherr V12 diesel engine as the R 9100, specifically designed to withstand extreme outside temperatures and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. Integrating the latest engine management system, the R 9150 is built for intense mining and complies with USA/EPA Tier 2 emission limits.

Operating weight
282,200 - 286,600 lb
Engine output
565 kW/757 hp
(SAE J1349)
Backhoe bucket capacity
10.9 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³
Shovel capacity
10.9 yd³ @ 3,000 lb/yd³