Crawler Tractor
PR 744 Litronic

The crawler tractor PR 744Litronic features an extraordinary output in all speed ranges due to its hydrostatic travel drive. It can thus reach its maximum speed without any switching procedures. Constant power is always provided to both tracks, even when travelling curves, allowing the machine to turn on the spot in restricted working areas, as well as providing optimum push power. The constantly high efficiency and the electronic limit load regulation also ensures that the fuel consumption remains minimal, despite the machine being operated at full load. Centralised maintenance points and a unique maintenance access including an inclining operator's cab also contribute to the machine's cost-effectiveness.

Engine output
185 kW/248 HP
(SAE J1349)
Operating weight
54,245 - 69,818 lb
Blade capacity
6.41 - 9.42 yd³
Travel speed
0 - 6.8 mph