Gear hobbing machines

For gear cutting, a continuous movement of the milling cutter produces the required gear teeth. With a hobbing machine, any number of teeth, different profiles and helix angles can be produced by altering the machine settings. This means our gear cutting systems are characterised by their outstanding flexibility and productivity.

Liebherr gear hobbing machines can be used to manufacture the following types of cylindrical gear teeth:

  • External straight and helical gear teeth
  • Internal straight and helical gear teeth for large inner diameters (smaller diameters are generally shaped)

The powerful and reliable Liebherr machines can use tooth cutting tools with innovative coatings to produce even more, even quicker, and for even longer. Liebherr is in close contact with tool manufacturers in order to further optimise process development, and coordination between the machine and the tools.

More information on the optional equipment available can be found on the machine pages in the technical product description.

Liebherr machines are suitable not only for highly productive hobbing of unannealed workpieces, but also for skive hobbing (finishing) annealed workpieces where the teeth have already been cut.