Generating and profile grinding machines

The Liebherr LCS series offers the ideal machine concept for finishing gears and serrated shafts after heat treatment. The gear grinding machines are suitable for workpieces up to a diameter of 1200 mm, and are very versatile and productive.

Discontinuous profile grinding and continuous cylindrical grinding can be efficiently used on grinding machines for machining external teeth (straight and helical gear teeth) and internal teeth. With continuous cylindrical grinding, several gaps are machined simultaneously with a worm grinding wheel. With profile grinding, on the other hand, the gaps are machined successively by a grinding wheel.

Liebherr gear grinding machines can be configured individually for every customer. More informational on optional equipment can be found in the technical product description

The newly designed LFG series profile grinding machines is ideal for highly productive grinding of large gearwheels such as in large anti-friction bearings for wind turbines.

Two profile grinding wheels for roughing and finishing are clamped onto an arbor.