Wine Guide

When serving white wines, the ideal temperature is 46ºF (8ºC), while red wines are best served at 64ºF (18ºC).

With their precise temperature controls Liebherr wine cabinets ensure that the temperature you desire is constantly maintained.

Unlike other wine refrigerators, which only have cooling functions, Liebherr wine cabinets are also capable of heating to maintain the perfect conditions should the wine cabinet’s surroundings drop below the desired temperature.


The flavor of your wine will continue to change even once it is uncorked.

The glassware you serve your wine in can greatly influence the wine drinking experience.

By selecting the proper stemware you can ensure that the wine’s best attributes—its aromas, intensities, flavors and complexities—are presented in the best way possible.

  • Red Wines
    Red wines are best served in a glass with a wider bowl and wider opening. The intense flavors of red wines need the larger air surface to release their aromas and showcase their bold flavors.
  • White Wines
    White wines are more delicate than reds, and as such are served in smaller bowls with narrower openings. The smaller glass size allows the whites to retain their chill, while concentrating their aromas.
  • Champagne
    Champagnes are best served in flutes. These tall, cylindrical glasses allow the champagne to keep its signature bubbles for longer, and provide a small surface for its sweet, delicate flavors to oxidize.