Freshness, vitamin richness and variety are the best recipes for the modern healthy cuisine.

The fresher the food, the more valuable they are for a healthy diet. Liebherr’s patented BioFresh system provides the perfect climate for keeping your foods fresh longer and makes a substantial contribution to a healthy diet.

With the temperature maintained at just above freezing and at an ideal humidity level, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish retain their vitamins and minerals, delicate flavor and attractive appearance for up to three times longer than in a normal refrigerator.

The BioFresh safes, available in select Liebherr refrigerators are separate refrigeration compartments.

Within the compartment, the low humidity DrySafe is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products.

The HydroSafe, with high levels of humidity, is designed to keep fruit and vegetables at optimum freshness.

Essentially, the technology promotes health and wellness by maintaining vital minerals and vitamins and keeps food fresh up to three times longer than with traditional refrigeration.

Liebherr’s BioFresh technology provides perfect freshness for all types of food.

The low humidity DrySafe is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products, which should always be wrapped airtight.

Fruit and vegetables are best kept in the HydroSafe with a high level of humidity.

Fruit and vegetables should be placed unwrapped in the drawer to allow the humidity to circulate.

Precision electronics ensure that the temperature is accurately maintained just above +32° F (+0° C) to prevent your food from freezing.