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Liebherr is the worldwide leader in premium refrigeration.

With over 50 years of experience in cooling, the German manufacturer sets the pace with continuous product innovation and a proactive approach to responsible manufacturing.

Liebherr brings fresh, European design to the North American marketplace, providing outstanding built-in, freestanding, and fully integrated refrigeration and an extensive selection of wine storage units.

“Design your Fridge” – create a fridge and win

Liebherr's domestic appliances division is running a “Design your Fridge” competition in which participants can create their own fridge design. The fridge colours and patterns can be chosen online using the 3D configurator. The finished designs will then be rated by the community.

The three designs with the most votes and the most active participants will receive a prize from Liebherr's domestic appliances division in mid July. The company will make the winners' individually designed fridges for them. Furthermore, the best design will be presented to the public at the International Broadcasting Convention in Berlin (IFA 2015).

The website is now open for registrations. From 05.05.2015, participants can create their own unique product and upload their finished design so that it can be rated by the community.

Liebherr's domestic appliances division wishes all participants the best of luck!

The 48” Liebherr SBS 246 stainless built-in was featured on

Liebherr Refrigeration combines world leading preservation technology in a handsome and perfectly built package.

Liebherr SBS 19H1, Selected as Winner of 2014 KBCULTURE Awards

Liebherr Refrigeration, the worldwide leader in luxury refrigeration, has been selected as the winner of the 2014 KBCULTURE Awards, in the refrigerator category. The winning product, SBS 19H1, which consists of a full 24” refrigeration tower, the HRB 1120 with BioFresh as well as side by side companion of the 24” full freezer with icemaker, the HF 861, was rewarded for its aesthetic excellence, quality of design and technological innovation. Liebherr is honored to be selected as a winner and congratulates all of this year’s winning products. honors Liebherr with 2014 Best of Year Award Honors Liebherr with 2014 Best of Year Award Luxury German Brand Named Best Apartment Refrigerator

Burlington, ON, November 12, 2014- Liebherr, the worldwide leader in premium refrigeration for more than 60 years, has been awarded the 2014 Best of Year Awards by Liebherr’s 24” CS 1360 made in Germany was named this year’s Best Apartment Refrigerator.

"Liebherr is honored to be the recipient of the 2014 Best of Year Awards from," said Josef Steigmiller, Vice President, Liebherr Refrigeration, The Americas. “Liebherr is proud to be recognized for our sleek elegant design, and a sophisticated product that takes up a small footprint, yet remains perfect for an upscale urban apartment.’

The Liebherr CS 1360 24” refrigerator and freezer tower fits the need for compact refrigeration designed for urban areas such as condominium projects and small space metropolitan homes while maintaining an element of luxury with attractive beveled edges and SmartSteel finish. Liebherr models offer the best use of space for maximized food preservation, and incorporate smart features such as DuoCooling which creates optimal conditions in both the Refrigerator and Freezer which lengthens the shelf life of food items for a healthier lifestyle. The dual refrigeration system also provides superior performance and efficiency.

The stylish CS 1360 also offers the SuperCool function which is ideal for chilling fresh food quickly to seal in flavors and textures. A single push of a button activates the SuperCool feature to instantly preserve optimum freshness and extend food storage. With the automatic SuperFrost function, food can be frozen at its highest quality to best preserve the vitamins, taste and appearance.

“With a rich European heritage, Liebherr products are renowned for both innovation and contemporary design,” said Steigmiller. “The elegance, perfectly detailed finish, precise electronic control systems, elite cooling components, variable speed compressors, and high quality materials of the CS 1360 unit reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with outstanding design elements and performance features in all of our refrigeration products.” conducts lab-tested reviews that are the industry's most comprehensive and reliable. In the end, consumers are provided with a neutral, detailed technical analysis of product features, performance, ease of use, and design.

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