Rail mounted stacking cranes (RMG)

The design of the rail-mounted container stacking cranes responds to the individual customer requirements. Features include:

  • High Hoist and Trolley speeds resulting in short cycle time.
  • Simultaneous Hoisting, Trolley Travelling and Gantry Travel as standard
  • Twinlift Operation up to 65 Tonnes. (2 x 32.5 Tonnes).
  • The latest Speed Control Systems (Liebherr AC and DC Drive Systems)
  • Sophisticated Crane Management System providing extensive operational and crane performance data. (Visuscan).
  • Proven No-Sway System
  • High reliability/availability figures with MTBF values of less than 0.5% per annum
  • Fault Monitoring / Maintenance Support direct from the Liebherr factory via RF Link / LAN and Modem.
  • Stable, rigid, sway resistant, high quality steel structure design

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Rail mounted stacking crane