The LTB conveyor belt is the most cost-effective solution for transporting materials such as concrete, sand, crushed stones or pebbles from the truck mixer into the building site.

Transport from the concrete plant to the building site must be realised quickly and cost-effectively. The supplementation of an LTB conveyor belt to the truck mixer therefore, is invaluable. This accessory is regarded by the customers as an additional service bonus.

Technical advantages for the highest benefit:

  • Swing drive with screw and brake in enclosed housing
  • Swing range of front slewing ring 165 degrees, rear slewing ring 240 degrees resulting in absolute manoeuvrability when unloading, regardless as to whether the left or right-hand side of the truck mixer
  • High stability due to solid support, extendable to 3.5 meter width depending on type (not LTB 12)
  • Sensitive operation of the belt via radio remote control and control technology with movement supression
  • Ceramic drive drum for powerful pulling of the band (not LTB 12)
  • The cushioned scraper effectively prevents contamination of the belt
  • Optional quick-change system

Practical advantages:

  • Ready for operation within a few minutes
  • Convey any material desired, including gravel, sand, crushed stone and much more
  • A second truck mixer can also deposit its material on the LTB belt truck mixer
  • Minimum cleaning requirements
  • Belt speed can be steplessly regulated, regardless of motor speed
  • Optimum safety due to pivoting screw drive and pipe break protection, slipping of the belt is not possible
  • Increased service = more orders = more material sold = more turn over

The Liebherr conveyor belt LTB in operation