Prize-winning Liebherr promotional film

In the past few months, the Liebherr promotional film, which premiered at the 2010 Bauma, has won a series of awards that are highly prized among the film-making community. At the Intercom Festival in Chicago, the film won a Silver Hugo for best promotional film. The competition has been held since 1964 and was hotly contested this year, with more than 150 entries from 50 countries.

The Liebherr promotional film also took first prize at the Golden Eagle Award in Washington D.C. For more than half a century the best films have been honoured here – last year in 32 categories. More than 1000 films were submitted and the Liebherr film impressed the jury in the Business & Promotion category.

It was particularly satisfying to win first prize at the Jerry Goldsmith Music Award Úbeda, Spain. This festival is named after the legendary Hollywood composer Jerry Goldsmith and its list of winners includes many famous names from the world of music. Markus Lehmann-Horn, who composed the score especially for the Liebherr film, finally took away the prize for Best Film Music, after having been nominated several times in the past.

The film won a silver award at France’s only festival for promotional films, the Cannes Corporate Festival, which aims to reward outstanding films, online formats and TV productions for commerce and industry.

The Liebherr film was also successful in Germany, taking second prize at the Corporate Media competition and a State of the Art certificate at the ITVA Festival in Cologne. The list was completed by a bronze award at another internationally attended festival, the MerComm Galaxy Award in New York.