Data protection

This data protection declaration applies to the websites of Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH (referred to hereafter simply as "Liebherr").

Personal data

Personal data is not collected by simply accessing Liebherr websites.

Personal data is only collected if you choose to surrender it, e.g. by registering your details, by filling out forms, by ordering products and services or by submitting other types of queries. Your personal data is only collected, processed, utilized and forwarded where necessary to deal with your request, or if you have given permission to do so.

Non-personal data

Non-personal data is collected to optimize Liebherr websites and for statistical purposes, even by simply accessing Liebherr websites (otherwise known as tracking). Examples of the recorded data are the time of visit, the websites that were visited, the period of time spent on the website, the regional locality and the website from which the visitor changed before accessing the Liebherr websites. For tracking, Liebherr uses certified web analysis software from WiredMinds, which conforms with data protection regulations. This software collects non-personal data exclusively by anonymous means. Identification of the visitors to Liebherr websites using this data is not possible.

You can stop tracking by clicking on the following link (opt-out). By doing so, a cookie will be installed on the computer that you are currently using.

Click here to stop personal data from being recorded.

Use of cookies

Liebherr websites use cookies, which are installed on the hard-drive of the computer that you are using in order to personalize your visit to the website. For example, the language of the website is recorded. Personal data is not stored in the cookies. You can deactivate the installation of cookies on the computer that you are using via the settings of your chosen web browser. Please use the help functions of your chosen web browser to find out how to change the web browser settings. By deactivating the cookies, the content of the Liebherr websites may change in appearance or not be visible at all.

Use of links

Liebherr websites feature links to other websites that are not operated by Liebherr and on which Liebherr has no influence in terms of content and security. Liebherr's privacy terms do not apply to these websites. In most web browsers you can determine from the address bar whether you are currently visiting the websites from Liebherr.

Use of social media plug-ins

On Liebherr websites you can find social media plug-ins from the following providers:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • AddThis

If you click on a social media plug-in, you will be directed to the website of the respective provider. Even though you may be able to see Liebherr products on these websites, it is not Liebherr's privacy terms that apply but the privacy terms of the respective website operator instead. Should you have a user account with the respective provider, it is possible that the respective provider will include information in your user account, for example, indicating that you changed to the respective provider's website from one of Liebherr's. The privacy terms of the respective providers can be obtained from the respective providers' websites or requested from the respective providers themselves. In most web browsers you can determine from the address bar whether you are currently visiting the websites from Liebherr.

Contact partner

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Data Security Officer

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